Youth Resource Guide

Fun Websites for Military Youth

Create art, make music, send greeting cards - just have fun on this Electric Company site for military youth.

Electric Company and Sesame Workshop

Check out the videos, activities, and magazine just for military school-age kids.

Help for Dealing with Deployment

Operation Military Kids

Free board game about deployment is available to download - play it with your family, friends, or show it to your teacher or counselor at school.

American Academy of Pediatrics and U.S. Amy Medical Command

Watch these videos for teens and kids to hear how other youth deal with deployment and the return of their military parent.

If it's OK with your parent, set up a private "family network" to help your family stay connected at this Electric Company/Sesame Street site.

Preschool videos and activities to help families cope with deployment, change and loss.

School and Moving Support

Department of Defense

Helpful ideas and advice for students and parents on everything from deployment, to moving, to finding a job.

Military Child Education Coalition

Electronically store your school records, search for information on new schools, and find out about school requirements and resources by state.

Military Impacted Schools Association

Take assessments aligned with state standards in preparation for a move and find out about military installations, schools, and state-specific resources and standards.

Online tutoring and homework help, free for kids who have a parent in the military.

A program that offers free SAT or ACT test preparation programs for military-connected youth.

College and Technical School Scholarships

Camps for Military Youth

Check with nearby installations or your state's National Guard or Reserve unit for local camps that they may sponsor.

Support for Military Youth

Learn how you can get involved in "speaking out" about military youth, or post your military kid story right here!

Organization that offers free YMCA memberships and summer camps for military families as well as contests for military youth

Books for Military Youth and Families

Crisis Hotline