Here are some helpful and interesting websites if you are interested in learning more about Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

Our Daddy is Invincible!

Request a copy via email: info@DVBIC.org
This children's book is designed to help families explain to kids of all ages the challenges they will face when a parent has a TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): What Military Families Need to Know

Fact sheet for families describing traumatic brain injury symptoms and recovery do's and don'ts

The Impact of Invisible Injuries: Helping Your Family and Children

Fact sheet for parents about common family reactions to a military parent's invisible injuries and strategies for coping

Mild TBI/Concussion

Information for people who have experienced mild Traumatic Brain Injury and their families

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

Resources and information for families and friends of service members and veterans with TBI

Helping Your Children Cope with TBI

Tips for helping children cope with a parent who has a TBI

Marriage Tips for PTSD and TBI Families

An article geared toward parents to discuss tips for maintaining a healthy marriage after a TBI

Brain Basics

An interactive lesson describing the basic functions of the brain for ages 9-17, teachers, and parents

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Video about mild TBI basics with an intended audience of ages 9-17, teachers, and parents

Helping Kids Bring Together the “Was” and “Is” of Life with a Parent with TBI

This video clip explains how children view a parent with TBI “before” and “after”. Additional videos are available on Brainline.

How to Talk to Children about Brain Injury

This post explains to parents how to talk with their children about TBI

Parenting Post TBI

Helpful research findings for parents, including parenting advice, following a TBI