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C+ and falling 0:25

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I would want to talk to my teachers to see what I was doing wrong that made my grade drop. Try to stay after school in the library to work on things that will help my grade. I would do a lot of extra credit to raise my grade up, and last.. I would want to ignore all the drama and things that were distracting me and go to classes during lunch to ask my teachers if I can work on things that will help my grade go up. I have been threw this since 5th grade. Lol I don't know how but it has happened. All these examples will help. I am in High school now and these strategies will help you. I can't promise you but at least try it and see how you like it. And if it doesn't work out then try to talk to your parents and see what they can do. Thank you!
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I would start working on all the stuff I'd fail and get my grades up
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