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Stressed Out 7:37

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My dad has been deployed for a while and now they are saying he won’t be home as soon as we thought. Since he left, it’s just been bad luck one after the others. He’s missed a lot such as my baby sisters 1st birthday. I also started marching season this year because he suggested it but he missed the whole season. He was supposed to be back for my birthday but now we don’t know when he will be home.
My father was deployed for 90% of my child hood. My family and I even moved to Germany when got stationed there and when retired 5 years ago it was the hardest thing to deal with. I'm now 18.
My father has been deployed several times in my life. Every time he comes back we fight, and it's hard to adjust to him being here. Everyone it took a toll on my mom especially. She eventually left and I'm going to move with her, because he's deploying again. I can't handle the "newness".
My Dad got back, from 7 months on a ship, over a year ago, and it's not the same. I want him to know that I've changed, and he won't listen...
My dad just got deployed and i kn0ow how u feel
I witnessed a soldier coming home and it was the most upseting thing anyone can see i cried the day i seen him reminding me of my grandfather hoorah
This is so hard why can't my dad just come home already

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