Here are some helpful stories from military kids dealing with deployment.

I really messed up while you were gone -- are you mad?

When mom was away life sure was different. My aunt came to stay with us. When my dad was working she took care of my sister and me. She let us do things that mom would never let us get way with.

I had lots to tell him but I couldn't.

So your parent is home from being deployed. In all the TV news or "Coming Home" reality TV shows, the moment a parent joins his family everyone seems so happy.

Why should I get close to him? He's just going to leave again.

Your dad is home from a deployment.

You could see this blank look in his eyes.

My dad is back from his deployment but it just seems like he is not the same dad I remember.

I'm really glad you're home and safe, but could you please leave now?

OK, you don't REALLY want your parent who just got back from a deployment to leave. But some kids say it crosses their minds!

Why is everyone yelling?

Your mom or dad is home...they're had a great party...feels like you can relax for the first time in 14 months...and now everyone is yelling and arguing all the time.

My mom's back, but now she treats me like a baby.

Jeremy's mom was deployed to Afghanistan for 8 months. While she was gone, Jeremy lived with his aunt. He had to do more chores and take on more responsibilities.

I'm glad he's home, but he'll probably just leave again.

Well he's back. But who knows when he will leave AGAIN. I guess I'm supposed to be used to this since he has gone away so much.

This is the third time around -- now I know what to do when dad gets home.

"My dad sleeps for one week solid when he gets back from deployments.

This is crazy -- I'd rather be at SCHOOL!

Dear Journal:

What is PTS anyway?

You may be hearing people talk about PTSD.

I'm definitely more mature.

I've heard many people say,"Your dad is deployed, that must be hard." Yeah, it is hard. Besides worrying and just missing him, I have more responsibilities at home.

I am proud to be a military kid.

The word "military" seems to get a bad rap from people who aren't in the military. I get the impression they think everything about the military is wrong.

Staying active really helps.

My big brother is in the Marines. He's being deployed next month for the first time. I was seriously stressing about it. So he hooked me up with this after school program at the base.

Your family is your family no matter what.

I love my family a lot. My mom and dad have always been there for me even when I haven't been the best daughter.

Bouncing back is the name of the game.

"Having a parent in the military makes my life different from most kids. Probably the biggest differences are we move often and my dad is deployed alot.