Stressed out?

How many times have you heard your friends say, "I'm so stressed out?" Lots of things can stress you out — homework, friends, teachers, a job or even your parents. For military kids, the list is even longer — frequent moves, making new friends and living up to frequently high standards to name a few. But for many military kids, the deployment of your parent probably tops the list. Whether your parent is planning to deploy, is deployed or has just come home, these events are stressors. You may also be stressed if you are the only one of your friends who has a deployed parent and you have no one to talk to about it.

Everybody has different reactions to stress. Some reactions to stress include not being able to sleep or sleeping too much, having knots in your stomach, not feeling hungry or eating all the time, and not being able to concentrate. Any of these reactions could make it really difficult to do well in school or to practice hard in after school activities. Plus it could make you feel grouchy and easily irritated. (I'm sure the people around you would let you know that!)

You probably can recognize you are stressed in general but it could also be helpful to pinpoint exactly how your mind and body are reacting to stress. Once you know the signs then when they pop up you can make changes and feel better.

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