I had lots to tell him but I couldn't.

So your parent is home from being deployed. In all the TV news or "Coming Home" reality TV shows, the moment a parent joins his family everyone seems so happy. Usually you see the parent giving his kids a big hug with smiles on all their faces. Some of the kids or parents are crying tears of joy. But what happens next?

Well, you all get in the car and go home. You may have a coming home party for your dad. Then everything is supposed to be "normal." Except it's not what you expect. You missed him so much when he was gone but now it feels different. While he was away you wished you could hang out with him, tell him about your last basketball game, share with him your latest new clothes, or go out for a pizza together. But now he is here you really don't know what to say to him. You have been separated for such a long time and so much has happened. You may not feel as close to him as you did before. It makes you wonder if something is wrong with you. It seems strange that you want to be close to him but instead it feels better just to be apart. It is hard for you to imagine that you don't even want to share stuff with him. Before it would have been easy, but now where do you start?

Helpful Tips: 
  • Try writing a list of all the things you want to tell your parent and share one item on your list each day. If you do not want to say it in person, try emailing.
  • If you use social media, post a question, "It's hard to talk to my dad since he came home from a deployment. What do I do?" You might be surprised to find your friends have helpful ideas.

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