Dad lets me do that when he's home.

Have you ever noticed when your mom or dad deploys the rules at home get slack? At least that happens at my house. My stepdad's in the army and when he's gone I can get away with all kinds of stuff. My mom SAYS that everything will stay the same, but it never does. I think my brother and I wear her down. She tries to talk things over with my stepdad, but there's weeks at a time when he's down range and can't get to a phone.

But last time my stepdad deployed, things around here got a little out of hand. I had this new friend, and she wanted a bunch of us to go to the beach for spring break. I kept begging my mom to let me go. I even tried the "dad would let me go" line. To make a long story short, mom let me go and it was a total disaster. Basically, I almost got arrested. My friend's parents ending up not going so it was just 5 teenagers, there was this party on the beach, some people were drinking, and the cops showed up. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! My mom had to come all the way down and pick me up.

Helpful Tips: 
  • Just because you CAN manipulate your at-home caregiver, does that mean you SHOULD? For each "no" from your parent, YOU have to decide if it's really best for you and your family to pressure them into changing their mind.
  • Ask your parents to sit down and devise a "contract" with you before your mom or dad leaves on deployment. Think about what rules might make sense to change and which rules need to stay the same.

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