Beware of BERSERK kid!

Little Sister: "My sister has really been acting weird since my dad was deployed. I never know what to expect. Sometimes she seems normal but other times she starts yelling at me or ignoring me. My mom gets the same kind of treatment especially when mom asks her to do something around the house. I think this craziness started right after my dad left to go to Afghanistan. Before he left she spent lots of time with him and seemed okay when she said goodbye. I stay away from her when she is in one of her moods. Mom told me she is having a hard time because dad is gone. I guess I can understand but he is my dad too and I'm not acting crazy."

Big Sister: "I really miss my dad. One minute I'm okay with him being gone but then I'm not. My mom and sister just annoy me all the time. I don't think they understand what I am going through. I worry all the time that something will happen to dad. They just seem to be going on as if nothing is different.

Helpful Tips: 

Change can be hard. Change that is out of our control is even harder. Having your parent leave because they have been deployed is definitely a change over which you have no control. Here are some ways to regain control in your life.

  • Focus on the parts of your life where you do have control. Here are some choices you might have control over.
    • What you choose to do in your free time
    • What clothes you like to wear
    • What video game or TV show you enjoy
  • Use creative outlets to help you take a break from the feelings that feel out of control. Some of these would include:
    • Taking a fun art class,
    • Joining a club at school (such as chess club or debate team),
    • Learning how to play a musical instrument like a piano or trombone.
  • You might try to talk to a trusted person in your life.

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