This is crazy -- I'd rather be at SCHOOL!

Dear Journal:

Anyplace but home, that's my motto. Ever since dad got home from Iraq it's been amazingly bad around here. And I thought everything would be perfect. He never wants to do things with me. He and my stepmom are always fighting, and then he starts yelling at me. I can't do anything right. I'm actually glad when he leaves to go hang out with his buddies. We can have some peace and quiet for a while.

I'm so out of here. I hate going to mom's apartment so that's out. Grandpa's OK but there's nothing to do there. I've been staying after school — all my friends think that's totally weird. I wish it was track season. This is crazy — what am I saying — I'd rather be at SCHOOL?!? I've been hanging out at my friends' houses more. That's good. But I think Mrs. H was ready for me to leave last night. Still, she did ask me how things were going at home. I just told her "fine." I wonder if she really wanted to know. Maybe I blew it and should've told her some stuff. She did say she was a military brat when she was a kid. Maybe next time she asks I'll think about telling her.

This is kind of strange. I haven't written in this journal in a long time. I'd forgotten how it actually helps. Well, maybe not "helps," cause it's still crazy at home. But it helps me think. Helps slow down all the stuff in my head. Like talking to Mrs. H next time. I wouldn't have thought of that on my own. Maybe I'll keep writing — no telling what other brilliant ideas I'll come up with!

Helpful Tips: 
  • Write stuff down — in a journal, on your computer, in a song. It helps you think.
  • Find somebody you trust to talk to even if they haven't "been there." The trust part is what matters.

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