Bouncing back is the name of the game.

"Having a parent in the military makes my life different from most kids. Probably the biggest differences are we move often and my dad is deployed alot. I'm kind of used to all the moving because I have done it so many times. The bad part about moving is that I have to leave friends behind. But the good part is I make new friends. Who can say (except a military kid) they have friends all over the world? Moving to a new place is always hard at first but I try to remember that I did it before so I know I'll be oK. That same trick works when my dad leaves. I remind myself that I've done this before so I can do it again. He goes away a lot. I think over the past 4 years he has been deployed 3 times. I'm getting better with him coming and going. It isn't that I don't miss him but I realize his commitment to keeping our country safe really matters. In my way I'm also helping because I adapt to all the changes along the way. He doesn't need to worry about me because I've learned that I can handle most anything that comes my way."

Helpful Tips: 

This kid is a resilient person. In a nutshell resilience refers to finding positive ways to cope with stress and adversity. Moving and having a parent deploy is definitely stressful. Just think about all the changes, worries and problems this teenager has to handle. But most military kids are known to "bounce back" and adapt to the changes they experience. First Lady Michelle Obama described military kids as having a "resilience and sturdiness of spirit." I bet she is describing you.

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