Helping Children Cope


Typical Children's Behaviors Discover common reactions children of various ages have to a parent's deployment Children tend to react to a parent's deployment in certain predictable ways. Learn behaviors you can expect to see in your children as they go through a deployment. Ideas to Help Children Cope Find strategies to help children of all ages cope with the challenges of a deployment Deployments can be challenging for children and teenagers. Explore a wide range of ideas to help your child throughout the deployment cycle. Military Youth Coping with Separation Listen to real kids share their thoughts and feelings about deployment Military youth have a wide range of feelings about deployments. This video can help parents and educators understand deployment from a teen's point of view. Stress Management Plan Teens can make a stress-reduction plan for coping with deployments or any life stress Learning ways of coping with stress is useful for anyone. This stress management tool is designed for military youth coping with a deployment or any stress in life. The plan can also be adapted for any individual as they learn great coping strategies. Stress Detective Kids learn about the impact of stress on the body in this fun, interactive activity Children may not understand how stress can impact their body and behavior. In this engaging activity, kids can learn about the body's reaction to stress and create their own stress management plan. Tough Topics Explore material for children and parents on grief and injuries of war As part of a military family, children may have to face the unthinkable. Find materials for children, teenagers and parents on coping with the injury or death of a loved one.