Caring For Our Youth
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Welcome to all of you who care for our military youth!

We at Military Kids Connect want to provide you with information to help you care for our military youth. Our goal is to enhance military kids’ quality life and help them prepare and cope with significant transitions such as relocations, parental deployment, and family adjustment after injuries. We designed our videos, activities, resources, and an online message board to normalize the experience for military youth, with an emphasis on education and peer support.

What you'll find in each section

Military Life

  • Videos of military children sharing personal stories about moving and deployments
  • Animated graphic novels depicting a military kids adjusting to a military move
  • “Dear Dr. Sig,” an advice column for common deployment questions
  • Short video clips of how to cope with scenarios such as bullying, parental substance abuse, and watching negative news


  • Short video clips showing strategies on how some military teens coped with their feelings
  • Available stress reduction tools such as mobile apps and mindfulness podcast
  • “How to Cope” handouts depicting possible strategies for coping with worries
  • “How to Talk to an Adult” has a checklist to help youth prepare for difficult conversations

Health and Wellness

  • Tools and tips to improve exercise and nutrition
  • Videos and animated graphic novels to help with family adjustment during the reintegration period, after deployments
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Encouraging Peer Support

Message boardOur message board offers a safe place where military youth can post a topic or ask questions to start a conversation with peers. The message board meets the Child Online Privacy Protection Act regulation by not collecting personal identifiable information. A subject matter expert reviews all posts before publishing them to remove personal or security information. Our moderators also screen posts for possible bullying or predatory type of posts, and remove users considered harmful to the community.

Social media communitiesFor teens, Military Kids Connect is also on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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