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Stressed Out 7:37

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My dad is deployed for a year. I don't like it because people pick away what's left of me. To think someone is fighting for you and you treat me like crap
My dad is at basic training for 2 weeks, and my mom is getting deployed next July for 6 months. She'll miss my 16th birthday and my sisters 4th.
My mom and dad had been deployed at the same time about 3 years ago, and I hated it. My dad has been deployed 4 times throughout my life, and my mom once.
My brother is stationed 6,042 miles away....
My dad just got deployed and i kn0ow how u feel
I witnessed a soldier coming home and it was the most upseting thing anyone can see i cried the day i seen him reminding me of my grandfather hoorah
This is so hard why can't my dad just come home already

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