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Stressed Out 7:37

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My dad was in the Army for 21 years my dad missed many of my birthdays and Christmas and so much of my life being deployed. He now is suffering with PTSD that my family lives with everyday.
My boyfriend is ex military and I worried everyday of him being deployed again and him never coming back to me but again I am the most supportive person to the military and dreams of joining the force I look up to my boyfriend
My boyfriend wants to join the Marines and I am scared because they are tecnecly there just to draw fire. He asked me my opinion and wants to know if I think he should do it or not I just want to tell him NO I DONT WANT YOU TO GO ITS SCARY but I don't want him to think I'm a little kid. I Am just luck I got my mom and dad and granddad back from the military in one piece I don't want to risk my luck AMD loose him. What do I do?
Six years ago my dad was deployed. It was difficult for my family, and I was the oldest so I had to step it up. Now a family friend who is like a protective older brother to me is deployed. It's hard. Plus he's going to miss my graduation because he won't be back till two years from now. It gets tough, but us military kids are tougher. We need to put on a brave face and try to get through it.
My brother is thinking about going into the military.. and I just been thinking about all the bad stuff that could happen and I don't want him to go
My brother has been gone for 2 years. His son doesn't even know him. He's missed birthdays & holidays to fight for a country that doesn't respect his as a person.
My dad is deployed for a year. I don't like it because people pick away what's left of me. To think someone is fighting for you and you treat me like crap
My dad is at basic training for 2 weeks, and my mom is getting deployed next July for 6 months. She'll miss my 16th birthday and my sisters 4th.
My mom and dad had been deployed at the same time about 3 years ago, and I hated it. My dad has been deployed 4 times throughout my life, and my mom once.
My brother is stationed 6,042 miles away....
My dad just got deployed and i kn0ow how u feel
I witnessed a soldier coming home and it was the most upseting thing anyone can see i cried the day i seen him reminding me of my grandfather hoorah
This is so hard why can't my dad just come home already

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