How to Do a Challenge

When you go to the Leaderboard View, you'll see scoreboards for most of the games on MKC.

Ready for a little friendly competition? Think you're the best gamer on MKC? Then click "Do a Challenge!"

Enter your MKC friend's username and select "Challenge them to beat my highest score!" They'll get your challenge in their MKC mailbox and the battle is on!

Or select "Challenge myself to beat their highest score!" and see if you can improve your own score to knock them out of the ranking.

If your MKC friends aren't into games, click on any of the top ten scorers to do a challenge. Might be a great way to find some new MKC friends.

Whether you want to see your name in the top spot for every game, or you just want to play against a couple of MKC friends, Do a Challenge today!